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Our History

ShredDisk, Inc. was founded in 2009, based on demand for secure and definitive destruction of hard drives and other digital media devices.

Our founder spent 15 years in the financial services industry. During these years, the question of secure computer disposal came up many times. Unfortunately, there was never a convenient, secure and easy to manage solution.

Enter ShredDisk. We always destroy all hard drives at your location. This elimates the risk posed by storage and transportation of information and gives you instant visual verification of the protection we provide. That’s why ShredDisk is “Tangible Insurance Against Data Breach.”

We believe in being easy to do business with. From our friendly employees to our onsite service at hours convenient to you, our unique service will be the finishing touch on your information security plan. Our pricing model is simple, and when our service is completed, you are left with a Certificate of Destruction that contains the serial numbers of all drives shredded.

In June 2012, ShredDisk became a wholly owned subsiduary of Eagle Secure Shredding, an Atlanta shredding company, allowing ShredDisk to offer an expanded array of services.

You will enjoy dealing with our company as much as you will enjoy knowing your personal, proprietary, and/or non-public information has safely been shredded beyond recoverability, and recycled.

Call us at (770) 203.0760 for a free quote, or to discuss your hard drive destruction requirements.