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ShredDrop  Why do I need to destroy my hard drive?

Think of the hard drive as the “brain” of the computer. Every file processed, every webpage visited, every password stored is saved and kept on the hard drive. It is the only device in the computer that retains information.

ShredDrop  Can’t I just delete all my files?

When files on a computer are deleted or erased, they are not actually removed from your computer. The space they occupy is merely made available for overwrite. This does not mean the file will be overwritten, only that it may be overwritten.

ShredDrop  Can’t I just reformat it?

Reformatting is a tool used to make the drive ready for re-use.  It does not erase files. Think of it this way…it’s like tearing the Table of Contents out of a book…the chapters are still there, you just don’t know what order they are in.  You can still open it up and read it though.  NOT SECURE AT ALL!  See the story our local Tim Wallerand NBC affiliate WYFF did on ShredDisk and Homeland Secure IT that proves this fact here.  Special thanks to John Hoyt at Homeland Secure IT for the heavy lifting on that project.

ShredDrop  What if I run over it with my bulldozer?

If you run over your drive with your bulldozer, there is going to be some damage to the hard drive but that is not a guarantee that information can’t be recovered from it.  This is a novel thought, but it is not part of an effective information security plan.

ShredDrop  Can I drill a hole in my drive?

Even if you do own a drill that is capable of boring through the thick layers of aluminum encasing your information, there is a good chance that your Workers Comp insurance does not cover this process.  Additionally, having a hole in a drive does not make the information unrecoverable.