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Being a former banker, I am familiar with the daily fight to keep money and information safe. I read an article today that highlighted how sneaky crooks are becoming, specifically in their quest to hack banks. The most recent attempt is targeting Blackberry’s and the two-factor authentication some banks employ to protect them. For those not familiar with two-factor authentication, consider it this way: when you leave home, if you lock your door and turn on your alarm system, you will need two-factor authentication to re-enter the home without the alarm going off. Typically that would be something physical (the key) and something only you would know (the alarm code).

If hackers are going to this amount of trouble to hack phones, you better believe there is a nice pay day for them at the end of the hunt. So it is with all digital information. Please consider where and how you keep digital information for you personally, and your company. Smart phones are wonderful tools, but the information they contain can damage you and your company far beyond the benefit they provide if not properly protected. This is important when they are in service, and when they are retired.

While the fight to protect data while you are using it is long and arduous, retired data can be protected very simply. Watch it get shredded! By the way, ShredDisk shreds smart phones!

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