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Cost-Efficient, Expert Georgia Hard Drive Destruction Services

In the market for a reliable Atlanta hard drive shredding provider? Look no further than ShredDisk. We do all of our hard drive destruction onsite at your business with our state-of-the-art specially designed mobile hard drive shredding trucks.

Unlike soft methods of removing data from hard disk drives, we physically destroy the drive and platter (ensuring no possibility of spinning the platter to attempt to retrieve data). Because we come to you, you can watch the destruction process to visually verify that the information contained on your hard drives will never again be accessed or revealed. Plus, our process includes scanning the serial number of each and every hard drive we destroy, giving you an accurate record of which hard drives are shredded.

We offer 2 convenient hard drive destruction services:

One Time Hard Drive Destruction
If you have recently de-commissioned a data center, or are just getting rid of a few old computers or smart phones, our mobile hard drive shredding service is right for you. Don’t risk keeping around electronic media with potentially hundreds of thousands of pieces of customers data or proprietary information lying around. We at ShredDisk can come to your facility and shred all your hard drives in just a few minutes.

Scheduled Hard Drive Shredding Service
Data Center managers can now have a scheduled service in place that ensures that de-commissioned hard drives are destroyed according to a pre-determined schedule. We provide free secure lockable hard drive collection bins for storage of the hard drives prior to the service. On the service day, our technicians will come to your facility, open the bins, scan the serial number barcode of each drive prior to shredding, and then shred the hard drives while you watch.

You’ll get the following benefits when you work with us:

  • A Certificate of Destruction after every shredding which you can keep filed in the event of an audit or compliance check
  • Speedy and responsive services, which save you previous time during the destruction process
  • The ability to shred other products: smart phones, pagers, RSA tokens, and just about any other physical media you might have in a data center. While we are conveniently based in Atlanta, GA, our mobile shredding truck can come to you, no matter where you are in the Southeast.  We service all of Georgia, North and South Carolina and parts of Tennessee, Alabama and North Florida.

Call 770-619-5300 for a free consultation and let us create a secure, affordable hard drive destruction solution for your company.