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Onsite Hard Drive Shredding

Security_Icon  Why is hard drive shredding the best answer?

Physical destruction of hard drives is the only way for you to visually verify that the information contained on your hard drives will never again be accessed or revealed.  Additionally, all of the shreds from the hard drives are recycled at an R2 certified recycler.  This means they are processed to extract the precious metals contained in them such as aluminum, gold and copper.  This is the final step of any good destruction program.

hard_drive_icon  How do we shred hard drives?

At ShredDisk we use a state of the art machine built specifically to destroy hard drives. This machine is made in America and allows us to destroy your hard drives quickly (roughly 15 drives per minute) so your employees can get back to work.

Recycle_Logo  Why we are different:

Our process is not about us, it’s about you: Saving your valuable time and protecting your valuable reputation.

We come to you for every service, and you have the opportunity to watch the destruction of your data.  Both your witness and our employee sign the Certificate of Destruction evidencing that there was independent verification of the destruction. The original Certificate of Destruction is left with the you.