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On May 25th, WYFF News 4 ran a piece on the fact that wiping a hard drive, or deleting files on it, does not necessarily mean that all the information is really gone for good. They did a FANTASTIC job of getting the point across, and I really appreciate Tim Waller and John Hendon working with us to get the word out!!

Protecting individuals from the risk associated with data storage devices like hard drives, backup tapes and smartphone, is our goal at ShredDisk. Our means of accomplishing this goal is helping corporations mitigate the risk of a data breach inherent with retired data storage devices. We also work with our corporate clients and other strategic partners to offer Community Shred/Recycle Days to reach out to the public. Our clients know our solution keeps their staff focused on their daily activities, while providing a necessary mitigation of the risk of data breach.

Another special thanks to John Hoyt and Homeland Secure IT, who provided the heavy lifting on the file recovery, and was instrumental in the bringing the story to life!

Final thanks to Jason Lynch at Total Training Services for his insight and help!

Remember…”delete” in computer terms does not mean all that you think it does!!

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