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An article in Network World has once again proved that ID thieves are heartless and conniving. This article highlights a study done by Carnegie Mellon Cylab that indicated as many as 10% of children may have had their Identity stolen before they are even old enough to know what credit is. The rate of adults who have their identity stolen is only .2%. Now this is only one study, and obviously there are many variables involved in any study such as this, but man…with all we have to worry about, now this too?!

In order to safeguard your child’s ID, let’s look at some organizations who have access to this precious information. There are the obvious ones, like your pediatrician and the school system, but who else might you have given this information to? Remember when your child got tubes in their ears? That adds at least two more to the list…the ENT and the hospital where the surgery was performed. Have a college fund for your kids? That adds at least two more to the list…the financial advisor and the investment house who runs the fund you invested in.

We could go on and on but you get the point. The more people that have access to your kids’ non-public information, the more likely it is it will be misused. Don’t hesitate to ask your doctor what safeguards they employ to protect information. Same thing with your investment advisor. The simple fact that you asked about it is likely to help them take information security more seriously. The more we all ask, the better security will get. A great example of how everyone pitching in a little bit makes it a lot better for everyone.

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